HOLY SMOKES!!……What an incredible event. The N.Y. vs. Florida 2017 Tournament Weekend had everything you could hope for in an event of this magnitude. Dramatic endings, incredible intensity, upsets and almost upsets, controversy, crazy loud cheering, people watching from the skybox and steps, dancing and partying till the early morning, and most of all seeing old friends and making new ones.

The passion that players have for this sport is quite frankly, only understood to those who play it, and that passion was on full display for all to see in Handball Heaven. Each time a team stepped on the court they played as if they were gladiators in the Roman Colosseum battling for their lives. People visiting the beach were compelled to watch even though they never saw the game or knew how to keep score. New York, the mecca of one wall handball, bringing some of the hottest “B” players in the sport with all their bravado and experience clearly had the better teams, but the gap is closing. Florida brought great intensity and sportsmanship, and in my opinion, has a great chance to upset the beast that is New York next year!

A huge shout out goes to all that were involved in making this event a huge success. Henry, Solo, Richie, Anna, and Kathie all worked very hard behind the scenes for months to make this event an epic one. The people who watched the games live will remember only the games. The people who came to Handball Heaven for the event will remember much much more! What you saw on video was certainly not the whole story. In the end the comradery among the players was truly amazing. When all is said and done, the weekend wasn’t really about Florida vs. New York, it was actually about Florida and New York.

Thank you all for tuning in to my videos. I appreciate all of your feedback.

Here are some videos from this incredible tournament


  1. Mike DTV you my friend have a great idea for these tournaments… Hopefully promoters see this and appreciate what u do…


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