Handball is Family

On February 4, 2017  the most anticipated tournament of the year, The Florida Nationals took place in Hollywood Beach, aka. “Handball Heaven. Players from all around the country flew, drove and took a bus to Hollywood, Florida for the long anticipated weekend. Top players like Timothy “Timbo” Gonzalez, Sam Sanford, Gio Vazquez, Wally Amaro, Kadeem Bush, Fabrizio “Fish” Alvarez as well as myself were the top seeds of the event.  A total of 32 teams participated, which is considered a full bracket,  yet there were still several teams that were trying to enter the event.

This tournament  brought beach goers on their way to the beautiful sand to a halt as the ferocious volleys and incredible athletic ability of the players were on full display for all to see. Most, if not all, were amazed at how a game which consists of a ball and a wall brings so many people together, and creates such an energetic and positive atmosphere . This event like most others held at this venue comes complete with photographers, and live streaming of the games which include commentary, not only of the games, but the entire scene that surrounds the event.