HOLYSMOKES!! The “BATTLE OF THE GLADIATORS” will take place on June 10th and 11th at The Legendary 127 PARK CASTLE HILL. 

Entry fee of $60 must be paid at the time of registration. June 6 will be the last day to register for this event.

Click here to register 


ATTN ALL “B” PLAYERS! Any “B” player that defeats the following  “A” player will receive $1,000: 

Timbo Gonzalez, Carlos “Los” Pena, Givonni Vazquez, Tavo, or Kadeem Bush


First Place– $3,000 plus an incredible CHAMPIONSHIP BELT

2nd Place– $2,000 plus trophy

3rd Place– $1,000 plus trophy

4th Place– $600 plus trophy

5th Place– $500 plus trophy

6th Place– $400 plus trophy

7th Place– $300 plus trophy

8th Place– $200 plus trophy

HOLD ON…..THAT’S NOT ALL. Included in your entry fee you will receive a raffle ticket that automatically gives you an opportunity to win a beautiful (see picture) 2011 Nissan Murano. Are you kidding me!!!!!

Be a part of this groundbreaking event as Richie Vera & Company take handball to new heights.

Hope to see you there!